How to Unblock Someone on Discord?

Are you trying to figure out how to take away a block on Discord? If so, you’ve come to the right place. In this guide, we will teach you how to unblock someone on Discord in just a few simple steps. So, read on!
how to unblock someone on discord

Where to Find the Blocked List on Discord

One of the features that Discord offers is the ability to block other users. When you block someone on Discord, they will no longer be able to send you Private Messages or invite you to Voice Channels. But, before we tell you how to unblock someone on Discord, let’s see where to find the Block List!

On the desktop version of Discord, click on the User Settings cog in the bottom left corner of the app. On the User Settings page, click on Blocked Users in the left sidebar. On the Blocked Users page, you’ll see a list of all the users whom you’ve blocked. 

On the mobile version of Discord, tap on your profile picture in the bottom right corner of the app. Once on your account page, tap on Blocked Users in the menu. And once again, the page will show you all the blocked people.

How to Unblock Someone on Discord

Here’s how to unblock someone on Discord: first, you’ll need to access the blocked list through the user settings. Once you’ve opened the list of blocked users, you can simply click on the person’s name and then press the “Unblock” button. After that, the person will be removed from your blocked list and will be able to message you again.

How to Block Someone on Discord

Having learned how to unblock someone on Discord, you might want to see how to block them back (just in case). Let us remind you, blocking someone on Discord will prevent them from being able to message you, and they will also be removed from your list of friends. Here’s how to block someone again.

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First, open the Discord app and go to a channel you share with the person you want to block. Right-click on their username and click “Block.” You can also click their username within the chat to open their profile. Click the three dots next to the “Send Message” button and select “Block.” They will be added to your list of blocked users, and they will no longer be able to message you or see your online status.

Blocking vs. Reporting Someone on Discord

On Discord, you can choose to either block or report another user if you feel that they are violating the Terms of Service or being harassing. When you block someone, this will prevent them from sending you any direct messages, and you will no longer see their messages in any of the servers that you share. You can also choose to unblock someone at any time. 

Reporting someone will send their profile and message history to the Discord Trust and Safety team to review. The team will then take appropriate action if the user is found to be violating the Terms of Service. Keep in mind that you cannot unreport someone after you have reported them. If you are ever feeling harassed or threatened by another user, we encourage you to report them so that Discord can take action. Blocking someone is also a good way to stop seeing their messages if you don’t want to report them.

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