How to Make a Table of Contents in Google Docs?

Google Docs has a built-in function that will let you create a table of contents very easily. In this tutorial, we’ll show you how to make a table of contents in Google Docs and how to update it as you add or delete content. Let’s get started!
how to make a table of contents in google docs

Choose Where You’ll Insert a Table of Contents

First, you need to decide where you want your table of contents to go. For long documents, it’s usually best to put the table of contents on a blank page near the beginning of the document. You can also put it at the end of the document, but this isn’t as common.

To make space for your table, you may want to insert a blank page. To do this, place your cursor at the end of a page and click Insert > Break > Page break. Now, let’s see how to make a table of contents in Google Docs.

How to Make a Table of Contents in Google Docs

Google Docs makes it very easy to create a table of contents. Here’s how:

  1. Place your cursor where you want the table of contents to go.
  2. Click Insert > Table of contents.
  3. A menu will appear with two different styles for your table of contents. Choose the one you want and click Insert.
  4. Your table of contents will appear!

If you’re not happy with how it looks with page numbers or blue links, you can always go back and change the style. To do this, click the Table of contents button again and choose a different style.

Now, you can use the table of contents to quickly navigate to any section of your document. Simply click on a heading in the table of contents, and you’ll see a link that will take you to that section. Knowing how to make a table of contents in Google Docs is handy, isn’t it?

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Updating Your Table of Contents

What if you added a table of contents to a document, then realized you still need to update the headings or text? No problem! Make whatever changes you need to the article, then click anywhere in your table of contents. A button will appear with a circular arrow icon. Click this button, and your table of contents will automatically update to match the new article layout.

How to Change the Formatting in Your Table of Contents

If you’re not happy with how your table of contents looks, you can always change the formatting. For example, if you want to change the font size or increase the line spacing, you can do that. To format your table of contents, select (highlight) the entirety of it. Then, click “Format” and choose the settings you want to apply to your table of contents.

Create a Table of Contents in a Document and Try All the Options!

And that’s it! You now know how to make a table of contents in Google Docs, how to update it, and how to format it. Creating a table of contents can be a great way to make long documents more navigable for yourself and for others. So go ahead and give it a try!

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