How to Delete History on a Chromebook? Instruction

Are you using a Chromebook and want to know how to delete history? If yes, then you have come to the right place. In this article, we will show you an easy guide on how to delete history on a Chromebook.
how to delete history on chromebook

How’s a Chromebook Different From a Laptop?

Before we can answer the question “how to delete history on a Chromebook”, let us first understand what a Chromebook is. The main difference between a Chromebook and a laptop is that a Chromebook runs the Chrome OS operating system, while a laptop can run any number of operating systems. Chromebooks are typically less expensive than laptops and have a longer battery life. They are also usually smaller and lighter in weight. Also, deleting history on a Chromebook can be a bit different from doing it on a laptop.

Chromebooks are becoming increasingly popular as they offer a wide range of features and are relatively affordable. One of the main selling points of Chromebooks is that they are very easy to use and maintain.

However, like all devices, Chromebooks can also accumulate a lot of data over time, which can slow down the device. Hence, it is important to periodically delete the history on your Chromebook to keep it running smoothly. Also, if you are selling or giving away your Chromebook, it is important to delete all your personal data from the device to protect your privacy. So, how to delete history on Chromebook, and what are the steps?

How to Delete History on a Chromebook?

When you use a Chromebook, your browsing history is automatically saved. This can be handy if you want to revisit a website or search for something you’ve recently viewed. However, there may be times when you want to delete your history for privacy reasons. So, how to delete history on a Chromebook? Fortunately, it’s easy to do.

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In order to clear your history on Chromebook, the first step is to click on the clock icon at the right bottom of the screen. Then, click on the “Settings” icon. A new window will pop up, and you will be able to see the settings for your device. In the new window, scroll down to find ”Device” settings. Under the “Device” settings, click on “Storage Management”. Then, go to “Browsing data”. A new window will pop up, and you will be able to see all the data that is stored on your device.

In the window, you will find three checked options by default. The first one is “Browsing History”, the second one is “Cookies and other site data” and the third one is “Cached images and files.” You can uncheck any of these options if you do not want to delete that particular type of data.

Cookies and other side data are small text files that are placed on your device when you visit certain websites. They are used for storing information such as login details, preferences and other data. Cached images and files are files that are stored on your device in order to load websites faster.

If you want to delete all of this data, then leave all three boxes checked. You can also select the time period for which you want to delete the data. The options are “Last hour”, “Last 24 hours, “Last 4 weeks” and “All time”. You can choose any one of these options.

If you want to clear additional items, such as passwords or autofill form data, click on the ”Advanced” tab. Here, you will find more options that you can select. Once you have selected all the options, click on the “Clear Data” button. If there’s a lot of data to clear, it might take a few moments.

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Once you have cleared your history, you will be able to start fresh with a clean slate. Learning how to delete history on a Chromebook is very easy and only takes a few moments. So, if your device is running slow, or you want to protect your privacy, deleting history on Chromebook is a good idea.

Why Can’t I Delete History on a Chromebook?

Now you know how to delete history on a Chromebook. But what if you can’t seem to delete your history? There could be a few reasons for this.

One reason could be that your Chromebook is not connected to the internet. In order to clear your history, your Chromebook must be connected to the internet. Another reason could be that you are not logged in as the owner account. Only the owner account has the permissions to delete history on Chromebook.

If you are still unable to delete history on Chromebook, you can try restarting your device. Sometimes, a simple restart can fix the issue.

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