How to Delete Facebook Dating: Close Your Profile

Are you done with Facebook dating? Looking for a way to take down your profile permanently? If so, you’re in the right place. Find out how to delete Facebook Dating from the tutorial below!
how to delete facebook dating

How to Delete Facebook Dating for Good

Removing your Facebook Dating profile from your normal account is simple. Whether you’ve already found a partner or decided to take a break from online dating, here’s how to delete Facebook Dating.

  1. First, open the Facebook app on your mobile device and tap on the menu icon in the upper-right corner. It looks like three horizontal lines.
  2. From there, scroll down and tap on “Dating.” If you don’t see this option, it means that you don’t have Facebook Dating enabled.
  3. Once you’re in the Dating section, tap on the gear icon in the upper-right corner of the page and choose “General.”
  4. Scroll down until you find the option “Delete Profile.” Tap it, and you’ll be asked to confirm – tap “Delete” again.

When you delete your profile, it will be lost forever, and you won’t be able to access any of your matches or conversations. Your matches will still be able to read the messages you’ve sent them. There’s no way to delete those messages from their inbox.

How to Delete Your Facebook Dating Profile Temporarily

What if you want to keep your profile but just take a break from dating for a while? How to delete Facebook Dating temporarily? In that case, you can use the “Take a Break” option. Pausing your account will mean that no potential new matches will see your profile. You’ll still be able to message your previous matches or likes, though.

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To do this, open the Facebook app and go to the Dating section. Tap on the gear icon in the upper-right corner and choose “General.” Then, tap on the “Take a Break” option. Your profile will be hidden for as long as you want – you can resume it at any time. To do so, go to the Facebook menu, click Dating, and select “Start matching again.”

How to Get Rid of the Dating Icon Shortcut Tab on Facebook

Now that you know how to delete Facebook Dating, there’s one more thing to do. Even if you’ve deleted your dating profile, the shortcut tab may still appear on your Facebook app. It can also be there even if you had never created a dating profile in the first place. The good news is that you can get rid of it easily.

Just open the Facebook app and tap on the Dating tab in the shortcuts menu at the bottom of the screen. You’ll see the message “Complete your Dating profile to start matching with people who like what you like.” Under the text, there will be two options: “Get Started” and “Not Now.” Choose “Not Now,” and you’ll get another message: “Want to keep the Dating shortcut?” Select “Remove,” and the tab will be gone forever.

What if you want to use Facebook Dating again in the future? You can still access it from the main Facebook menu (the three lines at the bottom-right of the screen).

How to Block Someone From Seeing Your Dating Profile?

If you want to keep someone from seeing your dating profile, you can block them. If you block someone on Dating, they won’t be blocked on Facebook – only on Dating. Here’s how to do it:

  • Enter Dating, then tap “Matches.”
  • Tap the profile of the person you want to block.
  • Tap the three dots in the top-right corner.
  • Tap “Block [Person] in Dating,” then confirm the action.
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To unblock someone, you’ll need to go to Settings > General > Privacy Settings. There’ll be an option called “Block people in Dating.” When you tap it, you’ll see all the people you’ve blocked. Tap “Unblock” next to the person you want to unblock, then confirm the action.

In the Privacy Settings, you can also block friends of your friends from being suggested to you as potential matches. This can be useful if you don’t want to see anyone you might know on Dating. Your friends won’t see your profile by default, but their friends could show it to them if you don’t have this visibility option turned off.


Now you know what to do if you want to delete Facebook Dating and how to get rid of the shortcut tab on your Facebook app. You also know how to block someone from seeing you in the dating app. So go out there and update your profile or get rid of it for good! These instructions work for both Android and iPhone.

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