How to Delete Apps on Chromebook: Apps Maintenance

Are you wondering how to delete apps on Chromebook? If so, you’re in luck. In this article, we’ll show you easy ways to remove and uninstall apps on your Chromebook. Keep reading for helpful information!
how to delete apps on chromebook

How to Delete Apps on Chromebook

Most Chromebooks come with a handful of apps pre-installed, but chances are you’ll eventually want to add or remove apps as your needs change. Deleting an app is a straightforward process, and there are two different ways to do it. Here’s how to delete apps on Chromebook.

First, open the Launcher (bottom left corner of the screen). Then, right-click on the app icon and select “Remove from Chrome.” This will delete the app from your Chromebook, but it will also remove any associated data (such as saved passwords or game progress).

If you want to keep the data but get rid of the app itself, you can click “Uninstall” instead. This will leave the data intact, but it will also make the app unavailable for use until you reinstall it. Whether you’re trying to declutter your Chromebook or simply ditch an unused app, it’s easy to delete apps with just a few clicks.

How to Delete Apps from a Chromebook With Google Play Store

It’s also easy to delete Android apps on Chromebook through the Google Play Store. First, open the Google Play Store and sign in with your Google account. Next, go to the My Apps page and select the app that you want to delete. Finally, click on the “Uninstall” button and confirm that you want to delete the app. Once you’ve deleted an app, it will no longer be available on your Chromebook. However, you can always download it again from the Google Play Store if you change your mind.

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Deleting Apps via Chrome Web Store

Deleting apps you’ve downloaded from Chrome Web Store is a simple process that can be done in just a few steps. First, open the Chrome Web Store and sign in with your Google account. Next, click on the “My Apps” tab and find the app you want to delete. Finally, click on the “Delete” button. And that’s how to delete apps on Chromebook through Chrome Web Store.

How to Uninstall Apps on Chromebook via the App Drawer

So, now you know how to delete apps on Chromebook. But if you don’t want to get rid of them for good, you can always do so by uninstalling them. The app drawer is one of Chromebook’s best features, which gives you quick and easy access to all of your installed apps. It also comes in handy when you need to uninstall an app.

The process is actually quite simple: just open up the app drawer and find the app that you want to uninstall. Then, click and hold on the app icon until a pop-up menu appears. Select “Uninstall” from the menu and confirm your choice when prompted. The app will then be uninstalled from your Chromebook.

How to Remove Extensions from Chromebooks

First, open the Chrome browser and click on the three dots in the top-right corner. Next, click on “More Tools” and then “Extensions.” This will open a new page showing all the extensions that are currently installed on your Chromebook. To remove an extension, simply click on the trash can icon next to it. You will be prompted to confirm that you want to delete the extension. Once you do, it will be removed from your Chromebook.

The Best Way to Remove Apps from Chromebooks

When you delete an app from your Chromebook, it’s completely removed from your device, along with the data. In contrast, uninstalling an app simply removes the app. However, the app’s files and data remain on your device. This can take up valuable storage space and cause your Chromebook to run more slowly. Additionally, uninstalling an app doesn’t remove all traces of the app from your Chromebook. For these reasons, it’s usually best to delete an app from your Chromebook rather than just uninstalling it.

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