How to Add a Caption to an Image in Google Docs?

Adding a caption to an image can be a great way to provide more information about the photo or to add humor. But is it possible in Docs? In this article, we will show you how to add a caption to an image in Google Docs using 4 different features.
how to add a caption to an image in google docs

Does Google Docs Have a Caption Feature?

Unfortunately, Google Docs doesn’t have a built-in caption feature. It won’t allow you to attach text to an image like WordPress does. This means you’ll need to find a workaround that looks professional and isn’t a pain to add. If you’re looking for how to add a caption to an image in Google Docs, here are four methods that will work great.

How to Add a Caption to an Image in Google Docs: 4 Solutions

Depending on what you want your caption to look like, you might want to use a different method. We’ll start with the easiest method and work our way down to the more complex ones.

Solution 1: Inline Text

If you insert the image in line with your text (meaning you can continue writing next to the picture, in line with its lower border), you can simply write the caption and format it so that it stands out from the rest of the text. This isn’t as professional-looking as some of the other methods, but it’s quick and easy.

First, insert your image into the Doc. Then, type out your caption next to it (or under it). Highlight the text and change the font, size, or color so that it’s different from the rest of your Doc. You may also want to align it in the center if it’s under the image.

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For this method to work, the image needs to be positioned as “In line” or “Break text.” To change the position of the image relative to the text, just click on it and choose one of the options that appear below it.

Solution 2: Using the “Drawing” Option

How to add a caption to an image in Google Docs so that it moves together with the image? The best way to do this is by using the “Drawing” feature in Docs. Start with your document without the image in it. Then:

  1. Place your cursor where you want to insert the image and the caption.
  2. Click the “Insert” tab and hover over “Drawing.”
  3. Click “New,” and a window with an empty drawing field will appear.
  4. The last icon in the window’s toolbar allows you to upload an image into the field. Use that to upload the picture you want to caption.
  5. Now, add a text box to your drawing – it’s the next to last icon.
  6. Draw the text box where you want your caption to be and write it in. You can reposition the text box later if necessary by dragging it to the correct position.
  7. Once you’re done, click “Save and Close” in the top right corner of the window.
  8. Your image with the caption will appear in your Doc. You can now move it around as a whole by clicking on it and dragging it to the desired position.

One disadvantage of this method is that you can’t edit the caption as easily as regular text. But on the plus side, it’s a fairly quick and easy way to add a caption that moves with the image.

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Solution 3: Creating a Table Around Your Image

Another way to add a caption that moves with the image is by creating a table around it. This method is more complex than the previous one but gives you more control over how your caption looks.

To start, create an empty 1×2 table (one column with two cells). Insert your image into the top cell of the table. The cell should automatically resize to fit the image. Now, click on the bottom cell of the table and type out your caption. You can format it however you want using the options that appear above the cell.

Now, let’s make the table invisible. Right-click on it and go to “Table properties.” Locate the “Table border” section and set the border to 0 pt. Click “OK,” and you’ll see that the table border has disappeared.

Solution 4: Using the Caption Maker Add-On

How to add a caption to an image in Google Docs if the built-in features don’t meet your needs? There’s an add-on called Caption Maker that can help. You’ll need to install it from Google Workspace Marketplace, then start it in the “Add-ons” tab. What’s great about this solution is that it allows you to caption multiple images at once (e.g., Image 1, Image 2, and so on).

That’s it! We hope this tutorial has been helpful.

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